Unified Tracking

Gain complete control over your shipping processes and spot lapses.

Unified Booking and Tracking: Gain complete end-to-end visibility of your shipping activities on a centralized platform enabling booking and tracking at one place.

Easy Filters: Single-click filters for different shipment status (like ‘Attempt-Failed’ and ‘Return-to-origin’) allow you to address the shipments facing problems in the most streamlined manner possible.

Carrier Performance Analytics: Create customizable dashboards that depict delivery performance, and customer feedback for carriers.

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Improved Customer Experience

How you deliver is as important as what you deliver. Go an extra mile and empower

your customers with complete transparency and flexible delivery options.

Real-time tracking Timeline: Give your customers access to real time tracking at their fingertips.

Notifications and Updates: Trigger automatic notifications and updates across offline as well as online channels of communication.

Mobile web app: Personalised web app for your customer to track, raise issues, provide feedback, all just on a single screen

Actionable Insights

Real-Time Tracking

With limited opportunities for customers to interact with the business, it is crucial for brands

to look for innovative ways to improve the post-delivery experience.

Customer Feedback Collection

Enable your customers to raise issues. Capture feedback to understand your customer’s needs and preferences better.

Automated IVR Call

Foolproof your delivery process by verifying attempts and thus avoiding false deliveries

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Enhancing the Purchase Experience

Transform the post purchase experience from one of anxiety and restlessness into an opportunity to cement your relationship with the end users

Reduce Cost

Ensures end to end visibility and updates at every milestone. Improve post purchase customer experience.

Round Creation
Reschedule Delivery

Allow end users to customize deliveries including location,time slots and alternative contacts.

Market Trends
Fewer follow- ups

Reduced email conversations & calls for tracking. Track over web/mobile app. Predictive exceptions.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Interactions with customers, agents, and carriers directly through a platform. Keeps all stakeholders in loop