Core Technologies

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Aurify Logistics’s AI technology not only calculates the delivery price according to the travel distance, but also includes other variables; the Weather, Supply and Demand, Holiday surge, Speed of delivery, Means of transportation, Rush-hour surge and messenger’s reputation. Through reinforcement learning, AI technology unbiasedly accounts for the variables that employees might not have considered.

Aurify Logistics’s App increases the efficiency of transaction on as well as convenience by optimizing the route for the messenger using GPS. Route optimization does not simply compute the shortest route to the destination on but allows systematic arrangement of multiple deliveries to increase efficiency and to reduce the probability of deadheading (where the messenger delivers a package one-way but returns empty handed, causing massive inefficiency).

In addition to delivering the packages through P2P, establishment of instant hubsstreamlinesthe temporary meeting points in the cities, similar in function to the Amazon’s warehouse. The logistics hubs have advantage of promoting the Economies of Scale to reduce the logis cs expenses. However, they require high initial cost and possess both physical and cost barrier which makes building in ci es problematic. To solve these problems, Volt’s AI technology allows the messengers to exchange the packages at a set time to minimize the travel distance and to reduce the price.