Blockchain Technologies

Volt rewards the messengers of high reputation with prioritized exposure to the list of orders and prices. In order to prevent manipulation of the messengers’ reputation, a possibility in the centralized server, Aurify Logistics’s blockchain encrypts all information on orders into hash for sharing and distributing.

We operate via smart contract-based escrow to satisfy both the customers and messengers, thus without the hassle of credit card readers. An automatic payment towards the messenger will be made when delivery is completed. With our AI model, the payment for messengers will automatically take the delivery time and quality into account.

The company’s shipment information is confidential. If these key information on is simply shared by the computer server, it risks cyber-attacks through the vulnerabilities in the server. Thus, ensuring information security by blockchain’s encryption technology is essential.

Blockchain technology, if implemented by the distributors, will facilitate the management of package tracking in a more efficient and reliable manner. The time taken to upload and track existing package will be dramatically reduced to average of 7 days to 22 seconds. This facilitation will benefit customers who require tracking of luxury goods, second-hand items, and confidential documents, by providing them a peace of mind.