Shipment Execution

Aurify Logistics Track’s shipment execution provides complete end-to-end visibility by simplifying complex carrier connections. The platform for your team to work together with designated CHA/Forwarder/Shipping lines to streaming your entire export and import process.

Aurify Logistics helps in managing and improving document accuracy, communication amongst the supply chain parties, real-time alerts on SLA elements to reduce incidental costs and provide complete visibility for management.

Efficient inbuilt communication with forwarders and internal teams help centralize your logistic operations.

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Track And Trace

Track your entire shipments across all major shipping lines, on a single screen!

Single platform for end to end visibility of your imports and exports. One system for keeping you on top of your international logistics operations and building better customer relationships.

Single-click sharing of delays and notifications with your consignees, and automated DSRs (Daily Shipment Reports) to support your client engagement.

Aurify Logistics’s Shipment Tracking also comes powered up with an Analytics and Insights dashboard which keeps track of your Detention and Demurrage, Transshipment Ageing, Carrier and Volume analysis among other data that can be used for improved planning and future decisions.

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Exclusive Features

A software that reduces overall supply chain costs with improved collaboration and visibility

Reduce Cost
Complete control for Management with Time stamps
Round Creation
Shipment lifecycle Digitization, Data Automation
Market Trends
Data Analytics & Reporting
Transshipment Ageing and Other Analytics