First Mile Pickup Operations

Minimize the inefficiency with informed data-driven decision making with the help of the hub manager,

who can assign pickups, create rules and monitor progress.Hierarchical allocation to hubs and resources based on

location and first come first service. Customer Pincode and capacity are based on auto allocation.

OCR address-based extraction by simply clicking a photo of the label.

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Middle Mile Operations - Inter Stock Transfers

Real-time visibility of consignment or bags across the middle mile transportation network. Users can create bags of consignment and

can transfer multiple bags/consignment by assigning an inter stock number. Auto sealing of bags based on the rules defined.

Vendor performance management and alerts on estimated delays.

Last-Mile Delivery- Delivery Ops

Real-Time Tracking

Automates the displace of cluster deliveries and also optimize routes for the field force. Moreover, the software offers

customised the flow of different delivery based for different customers and shipments.

Interactive planning

Machine learning-based cropping of the correct area of POD. SMS based encrypted data to enable updates without internet.

Besides, real-time route optimization and logistics analytics Delivery Management ensures that SLAs are met

every single time by identifying bottlenecks in your last-mile delivery network.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Harness the full potential of technology with features and functionalities that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation

Reduce Cost
Intuitive Design

Intuitive flow allowing riders to easily navigate and complete tasks using the app

Round Creation
Mobile Application

Get alerts and insights on issues on the move. Share important alerts with the team

Market Trends
Customized Checklist

Customised checklist for each manager to proactively handle issues.

Data Analytics & Reporting
Voice Assistance

Intelligent interactive assistant for voice-based interaction