Route optimization

Resource capacity, delivery route planning, and route optimization software for all distribution models which includes

multiple pick up-multiple drop algorithms. Whether it is local deliveries, upcountry deliveries, combining pickups

and deliveries, Shipsy’s route planner gives the optimized route for each resource based on

real-time information on traffic and road distance.

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Capacity Utilization

Answer the question of “What is the balance between dedicated and market vehicles” with Shipsy’s capacity optimization system.

Add cost-related contracts into the system along with weight, volume capacities of various vehicles.

The system suggests the types and quantities of market vehicles required

On-Time Delivery

Efficiently add constraints around customer promise to ensure costs reduce

while ensuring 100% customer promise adherence. Real-time communication with consignees with live tracking

and option for rescheduling, adding alternate contact and more improves first attempt delivery rates.

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Exclusive Features

Transform the experience from one of anxiety and restlessness into an opportunity to cement your relationship with the users

Reduce Cost
Multi-Level Fulfillment

Primary and secondary trip in one go. Same day doorstep deliveries

Round Creation
Route Optimization

Dynamic forward and reverse orders planning Efficient route planning & scheduled deliveries

Market Trends
Reduce Cost

Increase deliveries per vehicle Efficiently use market vehicles to reduce cost